THE EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR: A woman who throughout her career has provided a powerful voice in the evolution of the industry and led business transformation to keep pace with ever-shifting consumer behaviors. This woman devotes significant time and energy to mentoring other women in their careers, helping them advance into roles with increasing responsibilities and stature. 


To be eligible for the Executive of the Year Award, the nominee must have at least 15 years of experience


  • Demonstrates strategic, functional and leadership skills 
  • Contributes to growth and financial success of her organization 
  • Demonstrates ability to drive success for clients and partners 
  • Demonstrates innovation, creative thinking and ability to transform ideas, solutions or processes 
  • Possesses a strong personal character 
  • Fosters a positive team culture  
  • Demonstrates ability to set, plan and effectively implement personal and professional goals •
  • Demonstrates ability to foresee and take advantage of changing market place, business, marketing, technology trends 
  • Demonstrates commitment to fostering growth and development of other women
  • Helps to advance the industry through participation in industry organizations, initiatives, share groups, education/training and presentation of thought leadership