Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 8:55 AM - 9:25 AM

After the Vibe Shift: What's Next for Consumers and Society

Society is changing these days in ways we can no longer expect — or even anticipate. Trend forecaster Sean Monahan explains why culture is more incomprehensible than ever before, and what brands can do to cut through the hype. Monahan’s writing has appeared in The Guardian, Dazed and several other publications. He is credited for coining the term “vibe shift” in a newsletter post that received widespread media attention. The vibe shift can be described as the period in which one trend is declining and another is growing at the same time.

Monahan explains the components that create a vibe shift, where the world is currently situated and where it might be headed next so brands can discover insights that matter. Specifically, this session will answer questions such as:

  • Why has the future become unfashionable?
  • What are the cultural limitations of AI?
  • Why is social media seeing declining engagement across the board?
  • Will community, friendship, and trust continue to decline —especially in the U.S.?