Andrew Cron
SVP Research Science
The Kroger. Co
As SVP, Chief Scientist, Andrew Cron is the Head of 84.51° Labs, whose mission is to accelerate transformational data science technology innovation across 84.51° and Kroger. Applications include enterprise scale pricing optimization, data and insights platforms, and AI driven personalization.

He was promoted to his current position after serving as VP, Head of the Forecasting Center of Excellence, where he was responsible for all for sales forecasting strategy, research, and product development for 84.51°.

Prior to joining 84.51°, Andrew was a data scientist across a broad array of industries including finance, retail, bioinformatics, and advertising. He specializes in creating cutting-edge AI solutions leveraging massive datasets through empowered, diverse teams focused on innovation and impact.

Andrew has a Ph.D in Statistical Science from Duke University. He is on the Board of Directors and Technology Committee Chair for Last Mile Food Rescue, and is an adoptive/foster parent with a passion for helping children in need.
Andrew Cron