Christine Sturch
Principal Design & Innovation Team Leader – Store Design Team
Whole Foods Market
Christine Sturch is the Principal Store Design and Innovations Lead for Whole Foods Market Worldwide Growth and Development Team. She has been leading design innovations at Whole Foods Market since 2009 when Whole Foods Market changed the face of the grocery landscape with the opening of their Chicago Flagship store in Lincoln Park. Since then, she has dedicated her time to leadership and growth at Whole Foods thru building design, equipment, and décor teams. Has led design teams for innovations such as the Just Walk Out stores, Amazon Pick up and Delivery programs, Dash Carts and most recently the Daily Shop small format store concept.

Her connection to food retail started in high school when she started working at the local food co-op. After graduating with Psychology and Fine Arts degrees Christine found herself working for an up-and-coming natural food retailer called Whole Foods Market having no idea the path that would be instore for her as her passion for design and retail merged.

In her 25 plus years with Whole Foods Market, she has grown exponentially with the company and held multiple positions including Art Director, Creative Director and Design Director and currently manages new store design concepts and process across the country.
Christine Sturch