Thursday, November 9, 2023, 8:50 AM - 9:35 AM
Delivering Customer-Centric Innovation through Collaboration

Delivering innovation in today’s highly networked ecosystems is challenging and complex to say the least. While product-based innovation is well-understood, how to deliver innovation in the customer experience space is not. This presentation will cover the mindset, method and motivation required to work across functions and companies to lead change. In the fast changing world of retail media networks, GenAI and shopper marketing, those who understand how to lead and land innovation will be the leaders of our industry in the future. Through inspiring examples, relevant case studies and actionable insights, participants will have new methods and understanding of how to motivate change. Attendees will:

  • Learn the five big questions that are required to drive change.
  • Uncover the customer problems worth solving.
  • Discover the human insights that inspire high-performance collaboration.