The Consent Revolution: Unlocking Commerce's Potential in a Multiverse of Me

Join Momentum’s Jen Olliges, SVP Managing Director and Commerce Lead, and Jason Alan Snyder, Global CTO, as they discuss how the retail landscape is transforming and how artificial intelligence is at the forefront of this evolution.

The future of commerce is calling, and it’s multidimensional, ethical and consent-driven. Are you ready to answer? By leveraging AI responsibly, we can create a world where every interaction feels personal, meaningful and empowering. This isn't just about waiting for change but also shaping it. Join us in unlocking the true potential of AI in commerce, where connections matter more than transactions.

Embrace the power of conversation but with transparency. AI-powered chatbots can engage in natural conversations, answer complex questions, and handle transactions seamlessly. However, transparency is vital. Disclose AI interaction and offer clear opt-out options. Build trust and ensure customers feel empowered.

Optimize the search, but remember the human touch. AI-powered search engines can anticipate your needs but shouldn't replace serendipity. Allow customers to explore beyond algorithmic suggestions, fostering a sense of discovery and agency. AI should enhance, not replace, the human experience.

Create algorithmic efficiency, but understand the human cost of dynamic pricing. AI can optimize pricing, but it's crucial to consider the human cost of dynamic adjustments. Avoid practices that prey on vulnerabilities or exacerbate social inequalities. Remember, ethical AI prioritizes human well-being and social justice alongside profitability.

See the bigger picture, but empower individuals. AI can predict trends and personalize marketing, but don't forget the power of individual choice. Offer control over data usage and allow users to shape their own experiences. AI should empower, not dictate, consumer behavior.

Embracing the "multiverse of me" isn't just about personalization; it's about understanding our diverse identities across physical spaces, digital avatars and blended realities. AI-powered social robots can now offer styling advice in AR stores, and chatbots can adapt their tone to your current persona. This hyper-personalization fosters deeper connections, but ethical considerations are paramount. We must ensure responsible AI that respects consumer privacy avoids manipulation and prioritizes consent in our multidimensional landscape.