Best Practices for Shopper Marketers and Media Buyers
Date & Time
Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 3:40 PM
Kasey Moss Katie Neil Nicole Rainey Jason Young

Used effectively, retail media networks can do more than just convert in-market shoppers. They can also be leveraged to “flatten the funnel” and drive awareness and product demand, guiding consumers all the way through the path to purchase. In this lively panel discussion, a trio of industry practitioners will discuss the ways in which leading brand marketing organizations are utilizing retail media networks as both an advertising tool and a sales driver to maximize what’s fast becoming a significant investment as well as a critical aspect of retailer collaboration.

The panel will discuss:

  • Capitalizing on the core KPIs that are driving e-commerce. 
  • Best-practice strategies for integrating internal teams, budgets, agency partners and retailer management. 
  • Tips for understanding platform-specific analytics to optimize performance.
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