E-commerce is the #1 driver of retail growth globally and locally, as well as a critical influencer of in-store and on-premise sales. Growth is NOT the strategy. Growth is the result of a strategy.

However, due to historical data limitations, BevAlc brands have invested in spinning the "flywheel" across digital shelf, shopper media and supply chain levers to drive growth without visibility to the true omnichannel incrementality or additional growth opportunities available to them. 

Spinning the "flywheel" can help you grow, but only if you know and choose HOW you want to grow and spin it in that chosen SMART direction (think SMART goals = Specific, Measurable, Achievable Relevant Timebound).

In this interactive 90-minute Learning Lab, we'll discuss:

  • Latest BevAlc outlook and growth forecast
  • The 12 different SMART growth strategies for incrementality
  • In-market examples for inspiration across BevAlc brands that are choosing to be "SMART"
  • Best practices for scaling these efforts for maximum efficiency and ROI
  • Ways to measure this incrementality in light of data limitations today
  • And more...

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