1. Number of Entries

    There is no limit to the number of entries that entrants may submit. Each entry must be submitted separately and include an electronically-completed entry form and supporting image(s) upload. 
  2. Shopper Engagement programs submitted for entry must have been activated between 6/1/23 and 5/31/24. Be specific about timing. 
  3. Entries should be as clear, concise, and succinct as possible.
    Entries should tell a compelling story that accurately explains the campaign’s noteworthy impact on shopper engagement and sales.
  4. Entries must include tangible, verifiable results in order to be evaluated by the judges.
    It is impossible to adequately assess a program’s impact without understanding how it met its stated objectives. (Generic statements such as “Exceeded expectations” or “Met objectives” are insufficient.) All supporting data must include the source.
  5. Programs may be entered in more than one category provided they meet the necessary requirements. Path to Purchase Institute reserves the right to reassign entries that it determines to have been entered into the wrong category (after notifying the entrant), but will not place entries into any additional categories.
  6. Accompanying Visuals (Mandatory)
    All entries must include illustrative visuals in order to be deemed valid. Entrants should submit at least three and no more than 6 photos/graphics representing various elements of the campaign in the field. High-resolution JPG files (minimum 800 x 600 pixels, maximum file size of 10 megabytes) are preferred. CAD drawings, photo manipulations, renderings or illustrations should not be used in place of an in-market activation. High-quality images are required to enable the judges to get the best look at your entry (as well as for the Institute’s editorial coverage). Videos are also encouraged but not required. A file upload button will appear upon completion of the entry form.
  7. No former or current employees of EnsembleIQ or the Path to Purchase Institute can be eligible to win.