The Store as Media - The Shopper as Audience
Date & Time
Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 2:10 PM - 2:30 PM

Estimates place the number of retail media networks worldwide at over 200. Retailers have been successful in delivering incremental RMN revenue from their websites and their mobile apps, but they have been missing out on monetizing the largest of all audiences — in-store shopper traffic. With retailers doubling down on extending their retail media networks into the store, we're rapidly heading into "The Golden Age of Retail Media," an era in which the store is the new TV, and in-store audiences exceed those of major broadcast TV networks.

This presentation will deliver insights about how in-store media is poised to accelerate, how is it similar to other media, and how it is radically different - and more powerful (hint, in store media is not destination content, nor is it DOOH; the store is a distinct mission-based space well-understood by merchants). The session will focus on the insights that can be collected in-store, and how that in-store data can be monetized across channels. It will explore economical approaches to scaling networks, maximizing ROI, and increasing the overall enterprise value of a retailer's most critical asset: their physical store.

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