Keynote Session: The AI Effect: Revolutionizing Business, Behavior and Beyond

Take a journey through pop culture topics such as “Star Wars,” Fortnite, Pixar movies and “The Matrix” and understand how each represents a shift in culture and technology. Explore how technologies, intelligent systems and contextual and ambient environments will redefine our reality.

This talk will cover areas such as content, data, mobile, AR/VR, artificial intelligence and the evolution of social media as well as the future of voice, vision and touch, and also the time when we will not only be advertising to people but also to AI and robotic systems.

We will walk through a framework of “Empower,” “Exponential” and “Enhance,” discussing how we will evolve from us as consumers inputting into technology to having our environment adapt to us.

The talk will end with an explanation of how we will evolve from living a mobile-centric world to having a new normal of voice, vision and touch experiences powered by AI. Furthermore, it will include a date when everything will converge.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
8:35 AM - 9:05 AM (EDT)