Tom Edwards
Marketing & Technology Expert
Tom Edwards is a dynamic speaker with a deep understanding of technical detail but translates to all audiences. Tom speaks regularly on the convergence of technology and consumer behavior via artificial intelligence through his platform Innovation to Reality™.

Tom has been recognized as a 2x Winner of the OnCon Top 10 Global Marketer award and recognized as one of the top 50 most influential business leaders in technology and named the 2020 Professional of the Year for marketing & emerging technology for the second straight year. In 2019, Tom was recognized as a 2x Professional of the Year in Marketing & Emerging Technology by Strathmore Worldwide, 2019 Tech Titan Technology Advocate award winner, the 2019 OnCon Marketing Trailblazer and Marketing Contributor for thought leadership award winner, and Tom was recently named a Marketing Technology Trailblazer by Advertising Age.

Apple calls Tom “bold and fearless”, Nintendo states “Tom has a level of expertise I’ve rarely seen in my career, Hulu called Tom “a leader in the digital realm”, Southwest Airlines states Tom “Is a forward thinker who pushes the convention”, c-Suite states Tom “Is insightful in what leaders need to know so they stay ahead of the competition”.

Tom regularly provides thought leadership and industry commentary across multiple topics including trends, artificial intelligence, data, omnichannel, innovation, personal branding, leadership, Web 3.0, the metaverse, and digital transformation. His content has millions of views and he has delivered futurist keynotes at leading forums, including TEDx, Ad Age Data, Mobile World Congress, and more.
Tom Edwards