Piecing Together the Connected Commerce Puzzle: How Retail Media Fits Into Your Macro Shopper Marketing Strategy
Date & Time
Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Marie Catanzaro Stephen Chriss ETHAN GOODMAN Lisa Matos

To date, most of the industry discussion about retail media has focused on who has the best targeting and closed-loop measurement capabilities or the most innovative audience extension partnerships. But as the major retail media networks continue to gain scale and command more dollars from brands, another important set of questions is starting to emerge surrounding what role retail media should play in the broader omni-channel shopper marketing mix: How does it perform relative to the other digital and in-store tools in my toolbox? How much budget should be allocated and how should it be funded? What are the risks if investment levels don't meet the retailer's initial JBP ask?

During this session, Ethan Goodman, SVP of Commerce Media at the Mars Agency, will facilitate a panel discussion to unpack these important topics and discuss how top brands and retailers are approaching them.

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