P2PI is excited to start announcing some of our featured speakers and sessions for Retail Media Summit! Full education coming soon, but check back on this page often as we begin to pull back the veil on some of our exciting sessions and speakers for this year's Retail Media Summit!

Andrea Leigh

andrea leigh - Keynote Speaker

Job Title
Founder & CEO
Allume Group
Speaker Bio
Andrea K. Leigh (she/her) is an eCommerce educator, advisor, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of eCommerce experience, including 10 years as a senior executive at Amazon. She is Founder and CEO of the Allume Group, the leading educational provider on digital commerce for consumer brands, agencies, and retailers.

Andrea is a 10-year former senior Amazon executive and led client strategy at Ideoclick, an Amazon managed services agency.

As a Top 100 Retail Influencer™ and e-Commerce industry expert, Andrea is a speaker at national eCommerce and retail conferences, a podcaster with The CPG Guys, a contributing writer, and is frequently quoted in the media.

Retail Media Summit Session

Succeeding in the Future of Retail Media

Retail Media can be a complicated space, from determining budgets to placing bets on retailers to measuring results. Yet it can also yield incredible advantages in terms of brand exposure and share. We'll discuss retail media current events and trends, predictions, and walk through the Allume Group's M.E.D.I.A. framework for retail media success.

Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis - Keynote Speaker

Speaker Bio
Colin Lewis has worked as CMO for some of the Europe’s biggest brands over the last 25 years as well as having worked in Australia, France, Ireland, Singapore and China.

Colin advises both brands and retailers in Europe on their retail media strategy. He is one of the UK’s leading experts in eCommerce, Marketplaces, and Retail Media. He is the author of six Best Practice reports on Retail Media, including Amazon Advertising, Walmart Connect, Target Roundel, Kroger Precision Marketing and Instacart and well as eCommerce Best Practice and Marketplaces Best Practice Reports.

Colin is a Marketing Week Magazine columnist - since 2015, as well as being a columnist for WARC with the focus on Retail Media.

Colin is an advisor, educator and consultant to brands such as Unilever, Philip Morris, Samsung, Superdrug, De Beers, Bayer, L’Oreal, Sofidel, Kerry Group, Migros, Glanbia Performance Nutrition,

You can find him on [email protected] – and that is where you can find his Retail Media content.

Retail Media Summit Session

Navigating Retail Media's Disruption of the Buyer-Supplier Relationship

Retail media is the “Trojan horse” that is disrupting the foundation of the most important commercial relationship: that of the buyer and the supplier. Many lazy analysts see retail media as just another performance marketing channel, or worse, a cash grab from retailers. Yes, that might be happening. However, the much bigger concern is the upending of the trade relationship dynamic.

During this keynote, Colin Lewis will draw from historical trends — as well as research from the U.S. and around the world — to show how both brands and retailers can navigate their way into a different world that will benefit both parties, rather than continue the often-adversarial nature of buyer-supplier relationships.