AN exclusive brand & solution provider event 

Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM & Wednesday, June 26, 2024, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Palmer House | Chicago, IL

Retail media is the #1 pain point expressed by brand members of the Path to Purchase Institute and has become one of our top strategic priorities. This year, the Institute is committing to take further steps to provide solutions by bringing our brands and service providers together to collectively address the challenges facing the industry.

Designed like corporate speed-dating, P2PI CONNECT offers a series of 20-minute private in-person meetings to deliver an efficient and productive experience that cannot be replicated in your office or on the road. The event delivers face-to-face meetings scheduled between solution providers (hosts) and solution seekers (guests) to review new products and services, marketing initiatives and business strategies.

P2PI Connect is the Most Efficient Use of Your Time & Resources


The Institute is a community of over 10,000 commerce marketing professionals asking similar questions and facing similar challenges within retail media. By understanding these needs and overlaying that knowledge with the profiles of the industry’s top solution providers, we can identify and match organizations most likely to benefit from each other.


Just showing up is not enough. We’ll fill your dance card based on your preferences and will give you the information you need to prepare for your meetings in advance, ensuring the most successful discussions.


By making so many strategic connections in such a short period of time, we're confident you'll see some immediate results in the form of follow-up meetings, demo presentations and project discussions. To be sure, we'll provide you with communication assistance and contact information.


Up to two (2) attendees from your organization are invited to join us. There are no event fees and we cover your accommodations for the connect program.

  • Meet 10-15 solution providers that are uniquely qualified to answer your retail media questions and assess your shifting needs
  • Quickly and efficiently interview potential key partners to drive your organization’s success and reach your goals
  • Build valuable relationships in-person through our most cost-effective and uniquely focused member program


Path to Purchase Connect pairs you with decision makers who are focused on solving specific retail media challenges. 

  • Quickly and efficiently generate highly qualified leads through a series of 20min in-person meetings with up to 15 CPG brands
  • Get a private meeting room to showcase your product, sales literature, visual aids, and other meeting supplies
  • Network and present your solution while ascertaining valuable insights and feedback from potential customers

To learn more about becoming a meeting guest or host, please contact Jennifer Miller at [email protected]

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